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VIP Security

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    As Doruk Group, we provide service to you in the areas of close protection security, villa security, and residency security with our professional team.

    Close protection security is one of the most important areas of VIP security services, protecting important figures such as singers, actors, politicians, athletes, and businesspeople. We provide 24/7 protection and surveillance, accompanying them to any place they will go, taking into consideration the privacy of their work and private life, and minimizing the impact on their daily activities.

    One of the places with the highest security issues are detached villas due to their open surroundings. Together with our professional VIP protection team, we analyze the potential risks of the environment where your villa is located and work to raise your security to the highest level.

    VIP Security Services

    • Close Protection Services
    • Detached Villa Security
    • Residence Security


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