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Security Services

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    Since the day we were founded as Doruk Group, we provide private security services in every field you need.

    Physical security is the prevention of unauthorized access and protection of information assets against theft or danger. Our expert team provides high security with integrated high technology.

    The zero error in security principle is one of our priorities. We provide full control with different security technologies such as security cameras, security alarms, x-ray devices and more. However, at points where the technology may be insufficient to understand people and give the most appropriate answer to their needs, our professional security staff come into play. We have a professional system in prevention, deterrence and identifying the guilty party through patrols and area shifts.

    We are ready to visit you to identify your needs correctly and ensure your safety by creating an action plan with our team of security professionals who are experts in their field.

    Our security services related to physical security;

    • Mall Security
    • Store Security
    • University Security
    • Hotel Security
    • Industrial Facility Security
    • Site Security
    • Corporate Security
    • Construction Site Security
    • Hospital Security
    • Business Security
    • School Security
    • Residential Security


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