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Event Security

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    As Doruk Group, we provide security services in organization processes with our professional team.

    At events such as concerts, fairs, private meetings, congresses, facilities, and sports activities, where the number of participants is high, your safety is our top priority.

    We analyze the potential risk status of the secured area in order to complete the security of the organization without any security breaches and identify the risky areas. In line with our scope of services; with our team of security personnel who are responsible for entrance and crowd control, body and bag search, and protection of an object if there is one, we provide security at the highest level. Throughout the event, we take all kinds of precautions to ensure that there are no security breaches at the event venue or its surroundings.

    Event security services;

    • Sport Event Security
    • Facility Security
    • Meeting Security
    • Concert Security
    • Trade Show Security
    • Conference Security


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