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About Us


Your comprehensive solution partner for all outsourced services!

Doruk Group, reduces expenses, and establishes the most effective use of resources with its provided services. Doruk Group, in addition to private security services; It also provides services in the fields of facility management, consultancy, cleaning, ISG and insurance with its expert staff.

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Three different companies, 250 locations, 2500-person large team!

Doruk Group, with its three different companies, services over 250 locations with approximately 2500 people. Creating flexible, transparent an,d solution-oriented services to meet the changing needs of organizations is Doruk Group’s core mission.

Our mission

Delivering 100% satisfaction in meeting the needs and requirements of the institutions we serve, and to maintain the highest quality standards for the services we provide.

10+ sectors 250+ services area!

In 2013, we strengthened our service network by adding the United Services brand to the Doruk Group companies, with its international work standards and know-how, and our quality understanding in service delivery.

Proud Stories

We, at Doruk Group, aim to provide the closest service to our 100+ brands that we work with, in the field we serve, flawlessly. All the equipment we use are up-to-date, efficient devices and we always stay on top of the newest technology. We strive to maintain transparent, open and secure communication with our clients. Below, we present to you a few of the brands we work with.


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